ALMA provides a therapeutic community service experience that impacts the social/emotional wellbeing of adolescents in recovery.


Adolescent treatment centers include ALMA in their recovery curriculums. Here is why.

Our pilot has touched 150  elders in three communities, 60 at-risk youth, 30 volunteers, 20 care staff, 700 general public from the beach.

  • 100% of at-risk youths experienced a lower level of anxiety after the program.

  • 100% reported increases in mood and positive experiences.

  • 75% reported increased comfort in spending time with seniors.

This program is not only helping adolescents with their self image, coping skills, and empathy skills, its also changing their perception of aging.

Research shows that our PERCEPTION on aging impacts HOW we age. How you feel about aging has a more significant impact on longevity than blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking or exercise. Those who rejected the process of aging were suffering more than those who embraced it.

Adolescents in recovery are receiving benefits and enjoying connecting with seniors.

Testimonials coming soon.